M4 Managed Motorways Stage 1 – Update!

By December 8, 2017General

I2S have supplied and installed 12 Kms of conduit, and temporary fibre along the M4 corridor in a little over 5 weeks. We will soon connect all ITS devices to the temporary network so Fulton Hogan can start major works. With this in mind, we begin our major works in 2018 and start with installing 60000 linear meters of conduits and 800 pits, along with modifications to signalised intersections, installation of ITS devices and street lighting!

We are currently looking for the best ITS/Electrical and Civil Supervisors money can buy with RMS experience relating to Spec 8, traffic signals and ITS and preferred to have a background in major construction. If this is you, please send your application and resume to applications@i2solutions.com.au.